Remo TA5210-ML Economy Black 10-Inch Tambourine Our shop OFFers the best service Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,$21,/capitalism1812922.html,Economy,Black,Remo,Tambourine,,TA5210-ML,(10-Inch) Remo TA5210-ML Economy Black 10-Inch Tambourine Our shop OFFers the best service $21 Remo TA5210-ML Economy Black Tambourine (10-Inch) Musical Instruments Drums Percussion $21 Remo TA5210-ML Economy Black Tambourine (10-Inch) Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,$21,/capitalism1812922.html,Economy,Black,Remo,Tambourine,,TA5210-ML,(10-Inch)

Remo TA5210-ML San Francisco Mall Economy Black 10-Inch Tambourine Our shop OFFers the best service

Remo TA5210-ML Economy Black Tambourine (10-Inch)


Remo TA5210-ML Economy Black Tambourine (10-Inch)

Product description


Don't let the name fool you. This is a quality instruments used by professionals and drum enthusiasts. Each size is pitched for optimum performance using a smooth white drumhead.

Remo TA5210-ML Economy Black Tambourine (10-Inch)

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