Saucony Men's Omni 19 Philadelphia Mall $64,/curviform1556860.html,,Saucony,Men's,Omni,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,19 Saucony Men's Omni 19 Philadelphia Mall $64 Saucony Men's Omni 19 Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $64 Saucony Men's Omni 19 Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $64,/curviform1556860.html,,Saucony,Men's,Omni,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,19

Saucony Men's gift Omni 19 Philadelphia Mall

Saucony Men's Omni 19


Saucony Men's Omni 19


Product Description

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Streamlined support with surprising spring. For those who need support, the OMNI 19 delivers miles of comfortable running with added stability, a generous fit, and more spring than you’d expect from a shoe this supportive.

shoe shoes shoe shoe
SC_Womens_Kinvara_11 SC_Womens_Triumph_18 SC_Womens_Ride_13 SC_Womens_Ride_13
Category Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
Offset 4mm (28.5/24.5) 8mm (32.5/24.5) 8mm (32/24) 8mm (32/24)
Weight Men 7.8oz (233g) | Women 6.9oz (200g) Women 9.7oz (275g) 8.6oz (244g) 8.6oz (244g)
Sizes Women 5-12 8.6oz (244g) Women's 5-12

Saucony Men's Omni 19

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