Beamer mart Goliath All In One Natural Tray - Rolling Bamboo Original $45 Beamer Goliath All In One Natural Bamboo Rolling Tray - Original Health Household Household Supplies $45 Beamer Goliath All In One Natural Bamboo Rolling Tray - Original Health Household Household Supplies Original,-,Tray,Bamboo,Natural,One,/fascisticize1813206.html,Rolling,,Health Household , Household Supplies,In,All,Goliath,$45,Beamer Original,-,Tray,Bamboo,Natural,One,/fascisticize1813206.html,Rolling,,Health Household , Household Supplies,In,All,Goliath,$45,Beamer Beamer mart Goliath All In One Natural Tray - Rolling Bamboo Original

Beamer mart Goliath All In One Natural Tray - Rolling Bamboo Original Selling and selling

Beamer Goliath All In One Natural Bamboo Rolling Tray - Original


Beamer Goliath All In One Natural Bamboo Rolling Tray - Original

Product description


This is it: the only rolling tray you’ll ever need! We’ve packed an astounding amount of features into this one piece. It has slots for the two most common sizes of grinder, a dispensing groove with a removable top for packs of papers up to King Size in length, a space for a standard silicone dab container, and much more. But those are just the accessories; the tray’s main feature is a wide rolling area with curved edges that both prevent spills and prevent the buildup of excess rolling material. The bamboo is hand finished by skilled artisans and never treated with harsh chemicals or dyes. If you’re a smoker who needs the best of the best, this is the tray for you. Get yours today!

Beamer Goliath All In One Natural Bamboo Rolling Tray - Original

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