• Maerker et al. NINESTARS DZT-50-13R Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor show that pkd2-mediated post-transcriptional repression dand5 through bicc1 and dicer is a central process in symmetry breaking. Ciliary activity of the calcium channel Pkd2 is crucial for asymmetric leftward flow sensing at the vertebrate left-right organizer.

  • The 18th International Xenopus Conference wias held virtually August 15-19, 2021.

    Content for registrants will be available until Friday, September 17, 2021.

    Official conference website.

    Registrants click here to log in.

    Congratulations to Helen Willsey and Alice Godden named John Gurdon outstanding speaker award winners!

    Many thanks to the organizers, speakers, presenters, and participants.


  • Animal interphase chromosomes are organized into topologically associating domains (TADs). Niu et al. show that X. tropicalis is a powerful model for chromosome architecture analysis suggesting that chromatin remodeling plays an essential role in de novo TAD establishment. Published in Nature Genetics.

  • Krneta-Stankic et al. show that the Wnt/PCP formin Daam1 regulates cytoskeletal membrane dynamics and E-cadherin localization within developing nephrons.


    Published in Cell Reports.



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  • An upcoming book to be released by CRC Press.

    Edited by Abraham Fainsood and Sally A. Moody.


    Click here to view a PDF flier containing the table of contents. 


  • Xenopus 1 welcomes Nasco frogs.

    Visit https://xenopus1.com/ for details.

    Travel grants for students interested in attending training courses available.


  • a new registry connecting Scientists and Clinicians

    • Use your Xenopus expertise to help patients and clinicians
    • Boost the clinical significance of your Xenopus research
    • Share your genes of interest
    • Xenopus research is supported by ModelMatcher

    Visit ModelMatcher to register

    Click the link: https://www.modelmatcher.net



  • Social distancing is no mystery to Xenopus cells! Chuyen et al. report how thousands of multiciliated cells distribute into a regular pattern in the developing epidermis, through homotypic repulsion and homing at intercalation sites. Published in Developmental Cell.

  • The latest release of Xenbase includes the ability to search for Phenotypes.


    Click here to go to the Phenotype search page.


    Click here to find details on executing a Phenotype search.


    Click here to find details on the Xenopus Phenotype Ontology (XPO).



  • - available to BLAST

    - view on JBrowse


    99.86% of the genome mapped to chromosomes
    ~4500 new and refined models, 18% not present in trop v9.1


    Click here to view the release document.

  • The 2020 Xenopus Community White Paper is now available!

    PIs: Please reference the White Paper in your NIH grant proposals and contact your program officers.

    Download the 2020 Xenopus White Paper:

    Word Document


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  • Maerker et al. JML Bedspreads Queen Size, 3 Piece Reversible Quilt Set (Include show that pkd2-mediated post-transcriptional repression dand5 through bicc1 and dicer is a central process in symmetry breaking. Ciliary activity of the calcium channel Pkd2 is crucial for asymmetric leftward flow sensing at the vertebrate left-right organizer.


Xenopus is an essential vertebrate model system for biomedical research

  • Share 83% human disease genes
  • Ease of genomic manipulation
  • Large eggs and embryos with rapid external development
  • Ease of housing
  • Produce hardy eggs year-round
  • Learn more about Xenopus
Adapted from Wheeler & Brändli 2009 Dev Dyn 238:1287-1308" data-original-title="Divergence in time (Mya)" src="/anatomy/static/intro/MOD%20phylogenetic%20tree.png" style="">

The Xenopus model organism knowledgebase
Xenbase is a web-accessible resource that integrates all the diverse biological, genomic, genotype and phenotype data available from Xenopus research. Learn more about Xenbase.

European Xenopus Resource Center
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