Electrolux Washer Door Not Opening? Here’s How to Fix It

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August 4, 2022
Washer Repair

It can be stressful when the door doesn’t open to your Electrolux washer. Especially when clothing is still in the washer or if you have a massive pile of washing to get through every day.

Before you panic, the good news is that this problem is relatively easy to fix. So, here’s a quick guide on what to do if your washer door won’t open and what you can do to fix it.

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Common reasons why the washer door won’t open and how to resolve these problems

1. There is some water still in the machine

The most common reason the door won’t open is that there is still some water left in the machine. Your washer has this feature because it will prevent your laundry room from becoming flooded. Thus, the door will remain locked until all the water is drained.

Thankfully this problem is relatively straightforward to fix. First, check the sink where the washer’s hose is connected. The sink is most likely blocked if there is water in the sink. Unblock the sink and let the water drain. Once the water is gone, you must run your washer on a spin cycle to remove the excess water. However, if the clothes have been sitting in the water for some time, you will need to rewash them; otherwise, they could smell.

The hose could be blocked if there is no water in the sink. Disconnect the hose and try running some pressurized water through it. If the water from your tap is not pressurized, you could use a garden hose instead. Doing so will clear any lint that is blocking the hose. Again, you must run your washer on a spin cycle to remove the excess water after returning the hose.

Lastly, if all else fails, check the washer’s drain pipe filter, as this could also be blocked. In most Electrolux washers, this filter is located at the base of the washer on the front. It’s usually behind a tiny door. Push on the door to open it and pull out the filter. Place a towel on the floor in case some water leaks from the filter. Then wash the filter under a tap and return it to the washer when it is clean. Also, check for other blockages before replacing the filter.

2. The washer needs some time

Sometimes the washer will not unlock the door immediately after the cycle has finished. Hence, you may need to wait for five minutes before it opens. This occurs when the bimetal door lock hasn’t cooled down completely.

3. There’s an issue with the pressure switch

If the door will not open, you can try turning the washer off and on at the wall. Doing so will reset the pressure switch, allowing the door to open.

4. The child lock is on

Lastly, another common cause is a child lock. The child lock is a feature on some washers that prevents children from opening the washer door. Sometimes when the buttons are bumped on the machine, this can activate the child lock without anyone realizing it.

The child lock is activated if a lock symbol is displayed on the washer’s screen. Simply deactivate the child lock via the settings, and the door will open again. If you cannot find the child lock in the settings, you could try turning the machine off and on. 

What to do if the door will not open at all

Emergency door opening

If you have tried everything mentioned above, and the door still won’t open, there is another way. To open the door, you could try performing an emergency door opening. Some Electrolux washers have this feature, and even if you don’t need to use it now, it’s worth knowing if you ever need to use it later.

First of all, turn the washer off and then locate the emergency door opening mechanism. For most Electrolux washers, the mechanism to open the door is usually located near the bottom of the machine, behind a door.

Using a screwdriver, pull down on the emergency release. The emergency release is a lever, and the door should click open when it is pulled down.

If you had to perform an emergency door opening, there could be something wrong with the door. Please check the door before using the washer again. A broken latch or door lock is the most likely reason why you could not open your door from the outside. 

Try fishing nylon

If all else fails, there is still another method you try that involves fishing nylon. If you don’t have fishing nylon, look for something similar that is not likely to snap when you use it.

With this method, you loop the fishing nylon around the door so it catches on the door latch. Then tug on the nylon so that it pulls on the latch. As it pulls on the latch, it might dislodge it, and you can pull on the door to open it.

If you have found that this method works, you may want to avoid using the washer until you have found out why the latch was stuck. While this technique may have worked the first time, there is no guarantee it will work again.

Is the door broken when it won’t open?

If the door will not open, this does not mean that it is broken. As mentioned above, there are circumstances where the door won’t open because there is water still in the machine, or it just needs some time to reset.

However, if you suspect the door is broken, you can inspect the lock and latch. If something seems out of place, there could be an issue. You can replace door latches and locks, but it’s better to replace them sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you may not be able to open the door at all.

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